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Easily track the time worked by your employees on your projects.


Web timesheet to track time worked per project

Web Timesheet
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Timesheet application easy to use

OroTimesheet is a web timesheet application that is cloud based. You and your employees can enter your time into OroTimesheet from anywhere at anytime.

No App needs to be installed since OroTimesheet is a WebApp. A web browser is all you need to access OroTimesheet.

With a 100% responsive user interface, the screen layout adjusts itself no matter you are using a computer, a tablet or your smart phone, which results in an always pleasant use regardless of the type of device used.

Web Timesheet - Dashboard
Web Timesheet - Budget per project or sub-project

Time tracking, costs and billing

In addition to time-tracking, if needed, OroTimesheet allows you to track costs and billing. You can specify special rates per project, customer, employee or activity type and even create advanced calculation rules with multiple criteria. With a few clicks of the mouse, generate invoices per project or per client using the billing module included with OroTimesheet.

Enter budgets for your projects or sub-projects to see real-time variations based on timesheets. OroTimesheet manages hourly-rate projects as well as fixed-rate projects.

Useful and smart options

Time banks: Manage time banks for vacation, sick leave and accumulated time: the perfect solution for employers and employees who prefer to accumulate overtime in a time bank.

Timer: Automatically calculate time worked on different projects and activities. Time is recorded directly in your timesheet.

Geolocation (GPS): If needed, it can be useful to know where the employee was located when he or she entered its time in the application. For example in the case where your employees have to travel to different sites such as construction sites.

Timesheets batch update: Need to make corrections to multiple time entries simultaneously? Just use the powerful Timesheets batch update option to update multiple time transactions in a single operation.

Reporting and data synchronization: A bunch of reports are available with our software OroTimesheet and you can even export the data to your spreadsheet or other software. Sync your customers and projects with QuickBooks®.

Dashboard: Provide supervisors with a global view of their employees' timesheets.

Project management time tracking - Timer Project management time tracking - Geolocation (GPS)
Employee timesheet - Customizing software

Ready to use in less than 2 minutes

Once you've created your account, just follow the few easy steps of the OroTimesheet Start-up Wizard to set up and learn to use OroTimesheet in minutes.

OroTimesheet is also customizable according to your needs. Don't like the terms "employee" or "sub-project"? Just change them via the Terminology option.

Do you need an additional field to store data that's specific to your business? No problem! With OroTimesheet, you can easily create customized fields. OroTimesheet also allows you to create an unlimited number of user-defined fields so that you can enter and store information required by your organization.

OroTimesheet Pricing information

4.72$ USD per employee per month or less!

You only have to pay for employees who need to have timesheets. You do not have to pay for supervisors or administrative staff who access the application but do not need timesheets.

Get an instant rebate depending on the number of employees in your subscription: We offer a 3% rebate starting at 5 employees up to a 30% rebate for 500 employees or more. Note that prices are subject to change without notice.

Log in to your account and access the option "Subscription management" for a price simulation according to the number of employees you need.

See below for subscription pricing per employee per month in other currencies according to the current exchange rates. These prices are for reference purposes only.

6.49 CAD
4.72 USD
United States
4.33 EUR
European Union
3.65 GBP
United Kingdom
7.10 AUD
86.06 ZAR
South Africa
394.41 INR
84.59 MXN
Last update on 2024-07-23.

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What's included during the free trial period?

There is no limitation during your free trial period.

Do I need a credit card to sign up?

NO. The trial period is free. If you want to continue to use OroTimesheet beyond the trial period, then you will need to subscribe.

How do I subscribe?

Just log in to your account and access the option "Subscription management".

What's included with subscription?

Everything is included. There are no hidden fees. With a subscription, you can use and access OroTimesheet from anywhere, anytime. Only a Web browser and an Internet connection are required to access the application. Free and courteous technical support is also included. No additional service contracts must be purchased.

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About OroTimesheet

OroTimesheet is a web timesheet application offered as a SaaS model. The application is developed, managed and marketed by OroLogic Inc. Established in 1996, OroLogic Inc. is a Canadian company specialized in developing timesheet and workorder management software. We offer only top-quality software to ensure our customers’ complete satisfaction.

Customers using our Web Timesheet Since 1999, OroLogic has increased its market all over the world with its secure online store. Now used worldwide, our software solutions have a first-rate reputation. The speed and quality of our pre-sales and post-sales services are also highly appreciated, and often highlighted by our customers.

OroTimesheet is the ideal solution for all companies that need to thoroughly track the time worked by their employees on their projects.

News and Information

A new Application Log option is now available in the software. For example, this new option allows you to see all emails sent by users or by the application itself. Refer to the documentation for more information. (2024-05-07)

When you create a new employee, the employee can be automatically notified by email. All he/she has to do is click a link to access OroTimesheet.com and choose its password. An icon can even be automatically added to its desktop or home screen. (2024-04-18)

It's now faster and easier to enter numbers, amounts and durations using your smartphone or tablet. A numeric keypad is now displayed on screen instead of the full keyboard. Refer to documentation for more information. (2024-03-18)

OroTimesheet is now a 100% progressive web app (PWA). Unlike native apps, you can run OroTimesheet using any web browser on any device without any prior installation. More info about progressive web app at Wikipedia (2024-03-06)

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