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A new Application Log option is now available in the software. For example, this new option allows you to see all emails sent by users or by the application itself. Refer to the documentation for more information. (2024-05-07)

When you create a new employee, the employee can be automatically notified by email. All he/she has to do is click a link to access and choose its password. An icon can even be automatically added to its desktop or home screen. (2024-04-18)

It's now faster and easier to enter numbers, amounts and durations using your smartphone or tablet. A numeric keypad is now displayed on screen instead of the full keyboard. Refer to documentation for more information. (2024-03-18)

OroTimesheet is now a 100% progressive web app (PWA). Unlike native apps, you can run OroTimesheet using any web browser on any device without any prior installation. More info about progressive web app at Wikipedia (2024-03-06)

We have been particularly busy these last few months. A lot of things have been done on the “backend” side of our software OroTimesheet. Not only new servers, but also improvements in the code have been made without forgetting the security which is constantly updated. New improvements are also coming on the client side. Stick around for more information on this. (2024-02-19)

Happy New Year 2024! (2024-01-01)

Happy holidays to our esteemed clients and partners. (2023-12-18)

You can now activate geolocation! It can be useful to know where employees were located when they entered their time. For example, in the case where your employees have to travel to different sites such as construction sites. (2023-01-31)

We wish you all the best for the new year 2023! Thank you for using our software. (2023-01-10)

We wish you and your loved ones a very happy holiday season. From the entire OroTimesheet team. (2022-12-09)

Always in constant evolution, OroTimesheet is the application par excellence to track time worked by your employees on your different projects. Visit to create your free account. (2022-11-30)

During the summer, vacation season for many people, several improvements have been made to OroTimesheet, at the user interface level, but especially on the application server side part. Our servers were also upgraded during this period for increased performance. (2022-10-04)

OroTimesheet - Promotional video #2 OroTimesheet is a timesheet software that allows you to easily track the time worked by your employees on your different projects. More info at (2022-03-17)

OroTimesheet - Promotional video (2022-03-14)

Timesheets batch update! You can now update multiple time transactions simultaneously using the new "Timesheets batch update" option. Very convenient, this option allows you to modify, in a single operation and according to your criteria, timesheets already entered. (2022-02-24)

You can now use user defined fields to filter data on screen. This option is available in all modules of the software such as Customers, Projects, Employees, etc. More info at (2022-01-19)

Happy new year 2022! Wishing you and your families all the best in 2022. A warm thank you for using our software OroTimesheet. (2022-01-01)

Merry Christmas to all our customers and thank you for using our application OroTimesheet. From the entire OroLogic team. (2021-12-22)

The OroTimesheet dashboard has been improved with new graphs giving an overview of the status of timesheets and time worked. Visit the website or create a free trial account at (2021-12-22)

You can now see the complete hierarchy of all employees and groups supervised by another employee or group. Very useful for managing supervision rights. In the same vein, from the employee file, you can also see rights inherited from the groups in which the employee is a member. (2021-04-14)

You can now attach documents of all types to your clients, projects, employees and invoices. This is very useful for your project management. Consult the user guide for more info: OroTimesheet as well as its documentation are continuously updated. (2021-02-23)

You can connect to OroTimesheet using your Microsoft or Google account. Indeed, OroTimesheet is OpenID Connect compatible. More info at (2021-02-16)

Several improvements have been implemented in recent months. For example, display adapts even better than before on small devices like smartphones. (2021-02-08)

In order to support businesses in the current context generated by the covid-19, we are pleased to extend the free evaluation period of our software to 90 days. (2020-04-06)

Covid-19 - We are here for you. Dear customers, we want to inform you that everything has been done to continue to provide you with the excellent service you are used to. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, we will be happy to assist you. (2020-03-23)

As usual, we are improving our web application on a regular basis. Continue to submit your suggestions to us! We cannot guarantee that they will all be added, but we guarantee that we take the time to analyze each of them. (2020-01-24)

Merry Christmas to all our clients and thank you for using our software OroTimesheet. From the entire OroLogic team. (2019-12-19)

New "Budget vs Real" reports are now available from the Classic Reports option available in the More tab. (2019-03-19)

The report engine has been updated. This one processes and displays data even more quickly. (2019-03-12)

Happy new year 2019! Wishing you and your families all the best in 2019. A warm thank you for using our application OroTimesheet. (2019-01-04)

You can now display user defined fields in grids on screen such as in the list of your customers or projects simply by checking the box "Display in grid" in the configuration of the user defined field. (2018-08-08)

OroTimesheet’s smart reports display only data from employee timesheets that the user running the report is supervising. (2018-07-25)

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