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The speed of our servers has been further improved to allow you to access our application even faster. (2017-10-05)
It is now possible to have different tax rates per customer so that each invoice is automatically generated with the correct tax rate. (2017-07-28)
API (Application Programming Interface) was improved. Documentation was also updated. (2017-05-16)
Tip: User defined fields of different modules (Ex: Customers ->Projects) can be linked together. Refer to documentation for more info... (2017-04-18)
The OroTimesheet user guide as well as the documentation about the API (Application Programming Interface) were updated. (2017-04-09)
La carte géographique est personnalisable. Vous pouvez par exemple filtrer les informations que vous désirez voir et même changer les icônes (2017-01-24)
Happy new year! Wishing you and your families all the best in 2017. A warm thank you for using our application OroTimesheet. (2016-12-29)
To all of our customers, we wish you have a merry Christmas along with your loved ones. Thank you for choosing us. The OroLogic team! (2016-12-22)
It is now possible to disable the main user of the software. Even if it is the one who created the account at the beginning. (2016-08-30)
Once an invoice generated, you can modify it as needed for example by adding additional lines or adjusting amounts. (2016-08-23)
For each employee or group, you can specify whether overtime should be calculated after a certain number of hours per day or week. (2016-08-16)
When necessary, you can manually adjust the number of hours in bank of an employee directly from its file. (2016-08-09)
Tip: In addition to employees, you can also limit the types of activity that can be selected on your projects or subprojects. (2016-08-02)
The mobile view (WebApp) allows employees to enter their time via their phone regardless of the model and without having to install any App. (2016-07-26)
Each employee can see the number of hours he/she has in his/her time banks directly from the dashboard. More at (2016-07-12)
An icon to the left of the employee names in the dropdown list allows supervisors to see immediately the status of their timesheets. (2016-07-05)
The complete and revised documentation is available from the Help and Support section. The API documentation has been revised as well. (2016-06-28)
You can now specify the number of invoices planned as well as the percentage to bill for for each invoice for fixed amount projects. (2016-06-21)
Now, just click a simple button to create a new project from another one. Very useful when you are having project models. (2016-06-14)
Three modes are available to allow employees to enter their time: Standard mode, Fast mode and Mobile view for smartphones. (2016-06-07)
It's now even easier to update time banks of your employees in just three mouse clicks. (2016-05-31)
Several new reports have been added in the Classic Reports section. More info at (2016-05-24)
New! Simply access to the file of a client to access its list of projects with a simple mouse click. More info at (2016-05-19)
Merry Christmas and happy new year 2016! We warmly thank you for using, our online time tracking application. (2015-12-22)
Employees can submit their timesheet. Supervisor can then accept or reject it. An e-mail is sent to the empoyee when a timesheet is rejected (2015-08-11)
Simply delete an invoice so that time transactions attached to it revert instantly to uninvoiced. (2015-08-04)
If required by your enterprise, OroTimesheet allows you to limit the number of hours enterable per employee per week. (2015-07-28)
Projects into OroTimesheet can have or not have (as needed) an unlimited number of sub-projects. More at (2015-07-21)
Any documents (eg a picture of a receipt or invoice) can be attach to expenses entered in timesheets. This can be useful for expense claims (2015-07-14)
Expenses can be entered in each timesheet. These expenses can be refundable to the employee and/or billable to the client. (2015-07-07)
When entering timesheets, a lot of optional information can also be entered such as a detailed description for documentation purpose. (2015-06-30)
If you have to enter time for several employees, time entry can be done per employee or per project. This can greatly accelerate time entry. (2015-06-23)
The OroTimesheet's dashboard allows supervisors to instantly see which employees submitted or not their timesheets. (2015-06-16)
The option Advanced calculation rules allows to indicate to the software hourly cost or billing rates according to specific criteria. (2015-06-09)
By default a type of expense can be set as refundable to the employee. A type of expense can also be set as billable to the customer as well (2015-06-02)
In addition to employees, employee groups can also be project manager into OroTimesheet. This simplifies management. (2015-05-26)
You can use fiscal periods to instantly block modifications of all time transactions belonging to a fiscal period (2015-05-19)
Several invoice templates are included into OroTimesheet. We can also develop customized templates if needed. Just ask us about this. (2015-05-12)
Groups into OroTimesheet allow, among other things, to simplify employee management such as the management of their access rights. (2015-05-05)
Time bank update is done per group. It allows you to set different options such as the way overtime is calculated. (2015-04-28)
Invoice generation into OroTimesheet is very flexible. For example, you can decide to generate invoices per customer or per project. (2015-04-21)
A report generator allows you to extract data in html, excel or other formats then sort, group and filter it according to your criteria (2015-04-14)
OroTimesheet allows you to create additional fields so that you can enter and keep information required by your enterprise (2015-04-07)
You can specify fiscal periods of your enterprise. This allows you to print reports grouped according to same fiscal periods. (2015-03-31)
An API (Application Programming Interface) is available to allow you to access OroTimesheet data from any other system using any language. (2015-03-24)
You can customize terms (employee, customer, project, etc.) used in the software to match the terminology that is used into your enterprise (2015-03-17)
The OroTimesheet dashboard allows supervisors to have a global view on their employees' timesheets. More at (2015-03-10)
A timer allows you to automatically calculate time spent on projects and activities. This time is then recorded directly in your timesheet. (2015-03-03)
OroTimesheet allows you to manage your employee's time banks (vacation, sick leave and accumulated time) (2015-02-24)
Set budgets for your projects or sub-projects then see in real time the variation with timesheets entered. (2015-02-17)
In addition to track time worked, OroTimesheet allows you, if needed, to track costs (wages + expenses) and billing as well. (2015-02-03)
On your smartphone or tablet, use the mobile view to enter your time. This view was designed specifically for devices with a smaller screen (2015-01-27)
Follow easy steps of the OroTimesheet Start-up Wizard to set up and learn to use OroTimesheet in minutes. (2015-01-20)
OroTimesheet is accessible from any type of device whether a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. (2015-01-13)
OroTimesheet is a cloud computing web application You have nothing to install on your side. A simple internet connection is enough to use it (2015-01-06)
Merry Christmas and happy new year 2015! We warmly thank you for using, our online time tracking application. (2014-12-20)
The new version of OroTimesheet is online for a few weeks now! OroTimesheet is a time tracking application to track time spent on projects. (2014-12-13)
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